Are you a spiritual, empathetic woman who feels a huge sense of purpose and a deep yearning for loveyet has been left feeling unsafe, traumatized and fearful following toxic, narcissistic, abusive relationships, wondering whether the life and love you long for even exists? Take a deep breath beautiful, feel my hand in yours and allow me to gently guide you home

Sitting on your bamboo framed bed, you look out in awe at the lush rice fields wondering if this is real. You hear the birds gently chirping and the crow of a cockerel that makes you smile. A Balinese woman works in the fields just ahead. Her sun-drenched, wrinkled face and missing teeth make her all the more endearing as she stops and beams a wide smile right at you. No conditions. Just because.

You wander over to the thatched shala space adorned with sunny yellow flowers. Slowly you meet your fellow participants. You sense a knowing between you. They understand. They feel just as you do. They are here for the same reasons – to become free of toxic, abusive relationships, to heal from all the trauma, to feel more alive than ever before and to experience real beautiful love.

You look around and are met by the warmth in someone’s eyes. You feel the tangible kindness filling the room. Your shoulders drop, you feel an opening in your chest, you breathe like you haven’t in so long. You know you are safe. You know you are in the right place. You just know. Oh the relief.

Looking up at the clear sky, tears of joy stream down your face and you feel the rush of goosebumps on your skin as they tingle. In this very moment you know that all of life has led you here. All of the pain has meaning. In all of your being you realize something huge is about to happen and life will never be the same. This is what you have been waiting for.

Get ready for magic and miracles…

How would it feel to feel safe and solid in your body, anxiety-free and with a deep trust in yourself and your ability to create the life and relationship you desire?

By the end of our time together all of this can be yours, perhaps for the first time in your life.

How amazing would it feel to stop beating yourself up and blaming yourself for the way things have turned out?

WOW! So peaceful inside! I am going to show you THE vital step you must take so you can begin forgiving yourself, others and life for what you have been through.

What if suffering, tolerating and enduring abuse, toxicity and trauma was truly a thing of the past?

Well it can be, indeed it is. I hold your hand as you gently release the trauma from your body you feel the relief of letting it go and starting to fall in love with your “little one” inside.

How does it feel to be completely free of the excruciating cycle you have known all your life and to know that unavailable, uncommitted, narcissistic or abusive men no longer come into your sphere?

Incredible, that’s for sure! Once you embody a healthy, loving and nurturing relationship with yourself you will accept nothing less from someone else. You glow with this knowing.

What if you could be completely yourself, able to trust yourself, trust others and trust that life that life has your back?

During our time together, you’ll begin to bask in the glory of a new day, a new life trajectory, a new you!

Let’s take it a step further…just imagine accessing the gift within all of this, being your fullest self and bringing your unique contribution to the world. That is true joy!

What would it be like to be able to calmly and confidently take your time to get to know someone without giving yourself and your heart away too easily?

Breathe into that. Feel your whole being expanding.

Imagine not only knowing your boundaries clearly, but being able to express them with ease and without fear of being abandoned, rejected or punished?

Now that is true power! As you embody your radiance as a woman, you completely lose any lingering desperation around love and instead become magnetic to it coming your way! 

Here’s my promise to you…

By the end of this retreat, through a mix of inspiring, profound and fun internal and external experiences, you will feel peaceful, safe, solid and connected in your body, anxiety-free! You will own the invaluable keys for showing up in life completely authentically, embody your radiance as a woman, rejoice in the gift of your past experiences and most of all be totally in love with yourself, deeply connected to your “little you,” with confidence that you now attract ONLY healthy, nurturing, loving relationships into your life.

My Soul is Leaping

Why Bali?

Where to begin? The town of Ubud (a short distance from where we will be staying) is renowned for its healing culture. People from all around the world come here to find healing. The town was originally a source of medicinal herbs and plants and gets its name from the Balinese word ubad, meaning medicine.

Everywhere you go you are met with the loving and gentle warmth of the Balinese people. The deep healing, spiritual culture soothes your soul. The rich feminine energy nurtures and holds you as you heal. You feel deeply safe, cared for and accepted just as you are.

Close your eyes for a moment. See yourself in the midst of nature feeling freer than you have for so long. Feel the cleansing power of the sacred waters on your skin, the warmth of the sun against your face. Hear the friendly “ah-oh” of the gheko that makes you laugh. Feel the loving touch of my hand. Hear the voices of all the women as we sing together right next to the glorious sparking ocean, see it’s vastness. You want to dance. You dance. You feel your heart expand into freedom.

Now just take in the wisdom, grace and nurturing feminine energy of a high priestess, the color and joy of a traditional sacred ceremony, the resonance you feel with my music, music that as a singer-songwriter I wrote in this magical land and will share with you. The sight of the sacred mountains in the distance as you taste the tangible love that has been put into every delicious bite of food you eat.

A warm welcome to Dwaraka Royal Villas.

Inspired by the ancient legend of Lord Krishna’s Kingdom called Dwaraka Kingdom, the architecture of Dwaraka Royal Villas incorporates the finest Royal Balinese house design and prisitine modern facilities, combined with lush exotic gardens and stunning views, providing you with a blissful experience of luxury, comfort and the exquisite ambience of beauty and nature.

Nestled within a traditional Ubud village yet only a ten minute drive from Ubud center, you enjoy true peace and tranquillity along with the activity, arts and crafts, coffee shops and indeed all that wonderful Ubud offers, being close by when you heart so desires. With lush nature, sacred mountains and some hustle and bustle when you want it, you experience the best of both worlds.

As you enter this enchanted retreat paradise with it’s traditional Balinese adornments and architecture, you are embraced with a smile, a refreshing towel, a cool soft drink and a foot massage to ease your tired travel feet! You notice yourself breathing in the serenity. You stare in awe of the stunning views all around; the,tropical gardens, the lush green rice paddies, your awaiting pool and the gentle kindness of the Balinese staff.

In this magical space you feel the loving and nurturing energy that goes with a resort and it’s staff completely devoted to taking care of everyone who stays here.

Upon entering your airy, spacious room, you catch the smell of the furniture all made from completely recycled wood. You marvel at the intricate carvings and the stunning Balinese accents. As you look around you stumble upon delightful little surprises that make your heart smile.

Oh my, what a pleasure to take a hot shower or relaxing soak in the deep bath tub.. You take your time savouring every moment of bliss, slathering your skin with the readily supplied natural and organic soaps, shampoo and body lotion – you are so worth it.

During your ample downtime, you sit for a moment or for an hour, or indeed for however long you please on your balcony and gaze at the splendor all around. You walk barefoot on your own private garden space and feel yourself deeply grounding into Mother Earth.

You feel ease in your body as you go back to your room each day and find it freshly cleaned and laundered with love.

 You revel in the glory of having this time for yourself. “Hmmm…will I have a steam sauna? Or perhaps I’ll have a soak in the cool, refreshing pool – oh and there’s the jacuzzi” Decisions, decisions!

I Resonate with Every Cell of My Being

The Cuisine

Oooh…it’s food time! Take a comfy seat and relax with a view to die for at the retreat restaurant. This isn’t just a place to eat, this is an experience all of its own.

Fresh from the farm and locally grown, the food doesn’t get any better than this. Only the best fresh, organic, nutritious food is served here. Get ready for the delights your chef may include for your next mouth-watering meal.

With vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and catering to a variety of dietary needs, every bite is like putting love and kindness into your body in line with our retreat theme. choose from an array of fresh green salads with organic colorful veggies and exotic juicy fruits. Try an Indonesian classic such ocean fresh grilled fish with kamera frittes and sabai matah or the ever popular Gago Gado with mixed fresh veggies and to die for peanut sauce. With Balinese favorites such as Black Rice Pudding with Banana and Coconut Milk or Sticky Rice and fresh Mango, you just cannot go wrong!

Laughing, sharing and eating with your fellow participants makes the experience all the richer. Your taste buds are ignited with the smells of utter deliciousness! The tempting array of colors of the fresh fruit and vegetables and the attentive care you feel from your servers – you feel like the queen you really are.

You enjoy the homely atmosphere and feel at ease with the experience of the private chef and cooks who have been cooking for decades and are also well used to cooking for a western palette – you can go as authentic or as to your taste as you choose.

I can taste the love from here

Our journey together

Your driver awaits at the airport with a ready smile to take you to the splendor, comfort and beauty that is all for you. More smiles and come your way at the retreat center and as you sip your welcome soft cool drink. You soothe yourself with a fresh face towel as you enjoy a foot massage to soothe your tired “travel feet!” You feel the tangible kindness and welcome of the staff.

After taking a nap or shower in your gorgeous room to refresh, you’re invited to meet and mingle with the other women in the group where there are more cool drinks at hand (non-alcoholic). We gather in a circle to share our intentions for the retreat without any pressure to do so. You feel safe, you feel seen, you know you’re in the right place. You return to your heavenly room and pull the fresh and crisp sheets over you as you relax into a good night’s sleep.

You wake up to the delightful song of the birds and choose from an optional yoga or singing class.

After breakfast we head to our semi-open workshop space with glorious views. Today we enter into our healing gently and safely as you begin to release the trauma and pain of the past. You feel safe, expanded, more open and alive than you have for years and this is just the beginning.

Following a delicious lunch, you have time to relax, enjoy a dip in the healing pool or you can take advantage of an optional one-to-one session with me, where together we hone in on your specific challenges and needs with personal guidance and support just for you!

For our evening adventure we go out to The Pyramids of Chi. We listen to our hosts tell us about their calling to build pyramids on the sacred lei lines in Bali. Inside is where awe-inspiring sound healing happens.

Afterwards we enjoy a wonderful dinner in the adjoining restaurant with it’s magnificent views, delicious food and of course, loving company.

Today is magical and provides great insight into the spiritual way of Balinese life. You enjoy breakfast to a glorious sunrise after which we head out early to Tirta Empul WateTemple for a Purification Ceremony and Rituals.

Before entering the sacred waters, you experience an offering-making workshop where you learn about the power, symbolism and purpose of these spiritual works of art. As you take it into your purification ceremony it’s meaning becomes clear for you.

With it’s purpose being to wash away turmoil and sickness of any kind, you feel the cleansing power of this sacred water against your skin. You emerge feeling renewed, alive and grateful.

Following our afternoon teaching, you savor another delicious delight for dinner and then wallow in the opportunity for downtime in whichever way you wish to spend it, be it rest, play or both!

Hmm…”Will I do yoga or will I sing this morning” you ask yourself. You cannot go wrong with either as a warm, safe and supportive space is created for both.

Following breakfast, today we’ll be learning all about self-partnering and developing a relationship with your little girl within, meeting the wounded parts of yourself with love and kindness. You marvel in awe as at last things start to unravel and become clear. Oh the joy!

After lunch, you enjoy your downtime as practice to do what makes your soul sing. Perhaps there is something that has emerged that you would like support with, this may the time to honor yourself with a one-on-one coaching session.

Following another mouthwatering dinner, we get ready to Dance, Play and Sing –
you become aware of how much more “in your body” you are.
You allow your “little one” within to play and it feels incredible!

*Photo: Julie-Anne leading a singing workshop in Bali 

Wow! You are in for a real treat!

We head out on our spectacular Charity Trek. Hiking amidst breathtaking views, you relish in heartfelt interacting with local villagers along the way and learning about their lives. Amidst the sacred volcano and valleys, you feel inspired, grateful and expanded knowing you have helped contribute as a hundred per cent of proceeds go to the villagers in need. You are becoming more in touch with your unique gifts within you and your contribution to the world with every step.

With mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, trekking with guides to support you and regular breaks to include swimming in the warm, turquoise ocean, you find yourself BE-ing who you really are with every moment.

Following dinner, we come together to share about our fantastic day! Insights, realizations, transformation are abounding! Wow! This is what it’s like to be yourself without fear or shame – you feel it melting away!

Starting your day with yoga or singing amidst lush rice fields, you feel your feminine radiance.

During our teaching today, we’ll be diving deep into the limited beliefs and behaviors that been keeping you stuck. Feel your cells bubble up as these release and new Divine energy fills you up to overflowing! As we get stuck in on discovering your values, life vision, setting and speaking your boundaries – you just never knew this could be. This is YOU being YOU!

After lunch, there is downtime to relax, enjoy the healing pool or spa and another opportunity have a one-to-one coaching session with me to really process all that is happening inside you – you feel you want to seize every opportunity for your healing.

After dinner, we head to a mocktail party. With musicians to dance to, you find yourself completely letting go and being right in the moment.

Follow yoga or singing and breakfast, we delve into more transformation. As we address old patterns and look within at co-dependency, you feel more trauma release and gain answers you have been searching for your whole life.

After lunch, we head to the gentle breeze and sparkling turquoise waters that is the ocean. Feeling the warm sand against your toes, we gather in a circle and sing together. As we lift up our voices you feel empowered. You are finding your own unique voice with every passing moment right here in the land of the Gods.

Sitting on the sand in a circle, we share our experiences. As we laugh, cry and feel the depth of our innermost feelings together, you feel supported every step of the way. You have an experience of starting to trust. Trusting others, trusting life, trusting yourself.

The ocean has given you a great appetite as we head back to delicious and nutritious food awaiting. After dinner you have fun and more fun during a Bali dance lesson with the other women.

You sleep sooooo well.

After Yoga or Singing, or even more sleep followed by breakfast, our teaching today takes us to even deeper places. As we explore the perhaps seeming “no win” situation of deeply desiring love yet feeling terrified to open your heart again and risking pain. I show you specifically what to do when you experience anxiety. Right there and then in beautiful Bali, you feel peace. Deep peace, safety and solidity in your body which leads to peace of mind. You are expanding and allowing love in.

After lunch, I have a huge surprise rolled up my sleeve. You’re just going to have to wait to find out what it is. Trust me – you’re going to LOVE it!

We gather together to share, laugh and just be together during our gorgeous dinner.

Tonight is truly special. I am going share a performance with you. Yes, I am going to share my own story through music and the songs I wrote right here in Bali while I was going through my own healing process. This is straight from my heart to yours.

*Photo: Julie-Anne singing

Yoga or singing awaits!

Following yet another delicious breakfast, today we dig into the gift of our experiences. That sense of something way bigger that has been with you waiting to emerge. Today we are going to access it. Just imagine being able to be completely yourself, free to live the life you’re here for and bring your gifts to others, to the world?

Upon these awe-inspiring revelations, we head to lunch. You taste the kindness that is going into your body. Somehow even eating is a whole new experience.

Downtime follows plus a last-chance opportunity to have a one-to-one coaching session with me to further invest in your glorious self.

Tonight is our special farewell dinner. We dress up, we dance, we sing. Musicians and Balinese dancers make the whole experience all the richer. You look and feel like the radiant queen you are. We acknowledge each other. You know you have experienced bonds and have friendships that will last a lifetime.

You relish and enjoy your last early morning class, be it yoga or singing.

You take your time and savor every bite of our final breakfast together – oh how you will never forget this place.

We gather for our last teaching time together, to share and integrate your experiences. Tears flow as you feel transformed from the inside out. You are simply not the same person as when you arrived, or rather you are the person you always truly were underneath the trauma and pain.

Following one more lunch together, we say our goodbyes with plenty of warmth, tears, hugs and kisses all round. Wow! It’s like a giant love fest and will always be in your heart.

Your transport awaits you take you to the airport. You have one last look around. You knew when you arrived that your life would never be the same. You feel it in your whole body. You were right. A wonderful whole new life awaits…

The Benefits

Can you imagine how it would feel to be completely free of this pattern and never again attract unavailable, uncommitted, narcissistic or abusive men?

I’m going to hold your hand as we work to heal these patterns at the root. Through profound inner processes, you will discover exactly how to develop a healthy, loving and nurturing relationship with yourself first and foremost and one that’s mirrored back by everyone all around you, everywhere you go.

How would it feel to know that you are more than enough, whatever your age, body shape, past experiences or anything else, to attract the healthy mutual relationship you dream of?

I’m going to create a safe space and take you through my super powerful trauma-release work to let go of all of that trauma generating these beliefs out of your body allowing you to show up as your true beautiful self.

Listen to this inspiring & powerful message from
Julie-Anne – shot in beautiful Bali…

What if the cycle of being abused, exploited and demeaned was broken forever?

As an empath myself, I am going to show you how to protect your sensitivity and hone the beautiful gift within it. As you embody this learning, your loving, giving heart is cherished and respected by everyone, including the RIGHT partner for you.

How would it feel to be completely free of anxiety, panic and doubts about whether you can trust yourself in love and relationships?

You’ll experience my safe, loving presence, as I hold your hand to replace all of the trauma and pain with pure love for yourself. Be amazed as the anxiety and panic fall away, you find you can make decisions with ease and life magically starts mirroring back the new you!

Oh my goodness – this retreat was truly designed for me

Special Delights


Sweet Music…

Life is a song, love is the music.”   – Unknown

The healing benefits of music and singing are long scientifically proven. It’s a universal language that brings us together no matter what our seeming differences. When we come together in community to express through our voices, our bodies or listening to others express this way, something magical happens

Feel the sense of belonging, the creativity and self-expression.  You are uplifted into a whole new world as lingering anxiety or depression melt away.

Woven into our journey together are opportunities to truly connect with this part of yourself. Feel the freedom and expansion during a morning singing class overlooking the rice fields or in a circle next to the ocean.

Or feel the joy of listening to Balinese musicians playing from their heart. Imagine the playfulness of learning a Bali dance and the emotion that stirs, the hope and inspiration you feel as you listen to me sing from my soul the songs I have written about my experiences and the healing that has transpired.

*Please note, at no time is there any requirement to sing/dance or do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable to you. A safe environment is always created.

Spa time…

“Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and nourished for your soul to reside in.”   –  B.K.S. Iyengar

Yes, you are going to fall in love with yourself – ALL of yourself and that includes your body. It’s spa time…for some serious self-care and kindness just for you.

Revel in the loving hands of the Balinese women spa therapists who have been performing their magic for decades!

During your downtime you have the opportunity and are hugely encouraged, to indulge, relax and enjoy nourishing your body, thus nourishing your soul. “Hmm…will I have a traditional Balinese massage, sit in a bath full of rose petals while sipping ginger tea, or have my toenails primed, shaped and painted my favorite color?”


One-on-one time…

“When you invest in your healing, your “little girl” inside feels safe, seen and happy”   –  Julie-Anne Shapiro

As you are going through the retreat you may want to go even deeper still. With optional one-to-one sessions crafted to your particular needs and challenges, you feel deeply safe, seen, heard and supported. You have longed for this all your life.

During our precious time together, the answers inside you emerge and possibilities spring forth! We are both in awe! The feeling of wonder and freedom is palpable. There is no going back, life will never be the same.


Oooh… shopping…

“Treat yo’ self”   – Tom & Donna, Parks & Recreation

Ubud is renowned for it’s arts and crafts.

Picture yourself strolling through the colorful markets. Oh the scarfs, the bags, the silver wear, the wood carved furniture, the paintings not to mention the clothes.

Treat yourself to a gorgeous home-made shawl, some exquisite hand-painted pottery or some colorful mosaic work. You will cherish the special memories these gifts to yourself evoke every time to see them.

Interacting with the stall-holders is a delight all if its own. “I haven’t had fun like this in so long” you say, smiling from ear to ear.

This sounds like sheer bliss

The Bonuses

I want you to feel cared for, to feel my loving presence and support right from the word go, throughout the retreat and when you return home. That’s why we’ll have a group call before the trip and another one afterwards, when you are home.

Private call with me:
You’ll have a twenty-minute one-on-one call with me so I can get to know you more personally before our retreat together.

Pre-retreat call:
We’ll gather on a call to say “Hello,” briefly introduce ourselves and gain a sense of each other. It’s important to me as your leader, that there is the utmost loving, kind space for each woman. We’ll also go through some logistics/what you can expect etc – all to set you up in the best possible way.

Post-retreat call:
Now that you are home and have time to settle and integrate a little, perhaps you have a question or two or perhaps you just miss the women you became so bonded with. During our post-retreat call we’ll each share how we are doing, any questions we have. We’ll acknowledge and embrace each other and create that safe, loving space we treasured so much. We’ll also extend invitations for further connection between us, exchanging contact details etc (if we haven’t already done so).

Facebook group:
We’ll have a Facebook group especially set up for our retreat women. Say “hello,” share your thoughts, feelings, fears, excitement, logistical issues, questions, get connected, post photos – truly an all-round way of expressing and being connected during, but especially before and after the retreat.

Wow! I am feeling better just reading about it

What’s included:


  • 10 heavenly days/9 blissful nights of accommodation with views of rice fields, mountains, the ocean and Sacred Mount Agung

  • Three delicious, nutritious and melt-in-your mouth meals per day, all injected with love!*

  • All the fun and life-transforming outings, adventures, ceremonies, temples, hikes, water-blessings etc as per the itinerary.

  • 9 solid days of teaching, workshops, transformation, inspiration, conversation and love!

  • Transportation for all outings included in the itinerary and an English-speaking guide where noted

  • Transportation to and from the airport (designated times only)


What’s not included:


  • Your round-trip airfare from home

  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, restaurant tips, tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)

  • One-on-one sessions with Julie-Anne

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended)

I am so grateful for this opportunity to heal and be myself

Julie-Anne Shapiro

Love/Relationship Coach, Narcissistic Abuse
Recovery Facilitator and Singer-Songwriter
& “Find your voice” Coach
My Story and Plea from my heart to yours:

Dear beautiful reader,

Thank you so much for being here on my retreat page, it’s lovely to “meet” you. 

I want you to know with all of my being that while of course we all have our unique experiences, I do understand where you may be now in your life and how you may feel as you are reading this.

I myself have experienced and navigated through a toxic, abusive childhood environment, the pain of unhealthy relationships, the joy of meeting who I thought was the love of my life, and the grief of divorce, the despair of narcissistic abuse, along with the beauty of opening up to love again. I have felt devoid of any hope. I have been through the fire to get to the other side and to reach the true joy of finally being free and coming home to myself, truly the greatest love of all.

I have a lot of experience, have coached and taught thousands of women around the world and have led hundreds of events and workshops, yet it truly is my vast life experience that has made me who I am today and given me the ability to support others with vulnerability, authenticity, empathy and compassion. 

Bali is not new to me so rest assured you will be in the safe hands of someone who knows it well. When my marriage ended and I was deep in grief and despair and with the realization I had been through narcissistic abuse, I knew the only place I felt safe to be was Bali.

In this nurturing land I chose to face all of the deeply held trauma within and heal it in order to take me to a completely new level of consciousness, wisdom and insight to share and of course to experience a completely new reality and trajectory. Now I am indeed beyond grateful for the experience that invited me to go deep within and address my wounds once and for all. I am free! 

You see, when I look back at that severely painful time in my life, I remember walking amongst the rice fields sometimes barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Yet with each step I knew that one day I would have so much to share with other women who have had similar experiences. My heart is so full with all I want to share with you. I absolutely know there is hope, there is a beautiful life ahead for you. Will you join me?

I also wrote my album “Met by Grace” in Bali during this time. it takes the listener on a journey of my life, through the darkness of adversity and into the ultimate joy of healing and self-love. I can’t wait to perform my album for you during our time together, along with opportunities to sing together in community.

My greatest mission is to bring the experience, wisdom, healing and insight I have gained to others, indeed to you. I know that a beautiful life full of love, joy and fulfillment is not only possible but inevitable for you if you are willing to go within. So within, so without. Our outer world ALWAYS reflects our inner world.

I invite you to join me. Allow me to hold your hand. You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s do this together.

With all of my love,

Just in case you missed it – be inspired

Watch Julie-Anne sing “Met by Grace” from her album – shot in beautiful Bali

Sooo…are you ready to heed the call to come to Bali?

Connect with me

I welcome any questions or concerns you may have. I want you to feel fully comfortable and at ease with your decision to join me. I am also very happy to jump on a call with you – do let me know how I can support you.